hah_4983.jpgWe provide a wide variety of surgical services here at Heritage Animal Hospital. We employ up to date, safe anesthesia protocols customized for your pet, as well as using multiple technologies to monitor your pet while under anesthesia including an echocardiogram or EKG, pulse oximetry to monitor oxygen levels, temperature, respiratory rate, heart rate, and blood pressure.

All our pets must have pre-surgical labwork to ensure that the pet’s organs are functioning well enough to metabolize the anesthetic drugs, and that the pet appears healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. Our pets are monitored by a certified veterinary technician the entire time they are under anesthesia and during recovery.

Surgeries that we commonly perform include but are not limited to:

  • Spays, or ovariohysterectomies (OHEs)
  • Neuters or castrations
  • Declawing of cats
  • Mass or lump removals
  • Local anesthetic procedures to remove skin tags, warts, or adenomas
  • Dental or teeth cleanings
  • Abdominal exploratories to look at and possibly take biopsies of internal organs such as the spleen, liver, kidneys, stomach or intestines, or to remove “foreign bodies” or foreign objects your pet may have ingested
  • Cystotomies to remove bladder stones, polyps, or tumors

We also work with Twin Cities Veterinary Surgery to offer and perform more in-depth surgical procedures including but not limited to:

  • Torn ACL repairs such as the tibeal plateau leveling osteotomy or TPLO and extracapsular repair
  • Pins, plates, or external fixators for broken bones or fractures
  • Femoral head and neck ostectomy or FHO and triple pelvic osteotomy or TPO for hip issues
  • Anal gland removal
  • In-depth mass or lump removals
  • Laryngeal paralysis “tie back” or unilateral cricoarytenoid lateralization surgery
  • Patella luxation repair
  • Arthrodesis or joint fusion
  • Osteochondritis dessicans or OCD surgery
  • Scrotal and perineal urethrostomy or PU surgery for dogs or cats with urinary obstruction
  • Total ear canal ablation and bulla osteotomy or TECA surgery for stenotic ear canals or chronic and severe ear issues
  • Subtotal colectomy for megacolon cases
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