Cognitive Dysfunction

Cognitive dysfunction syndrome, or CDS for short, is a medical condition that can affect dogs as they age.  It is similar to Alzheimer’s disease in people in that it is caused by chemical and physical changes in the brain.  Signs that may be brushed off as just “old age” may actually be signs that your pet is suffering from CDS, and there are ways for us to help.

Signs of CDS fall into a few different categories:

• Wanders without purpose
• Seems lost or confused in familiar territory
• Gets stuck in corners or under and behind furniture
• Stares into space or blankly at walls
• Goes to the wrong side of the door or goes to a spot other than the door (i.e. windows)
• Does not recognize people they know
• Does not respond to verbal commands or their name
• Seems to forget reason for being outside

Interaction with Family Members
• Does not seek attention as much as they used to
• Less likely to seek petting, walks away during petting
• Not as enthusiastic when greeted
• Does not greet family members as they used to

Activity and Sleep
• Irregular sleep patterns (sleeps all day, up all night)
• Decrease in activity
• Increased wandering or pacing
• Barks at night without cause

• Urine or stool accidents indoors
• Has accidents soon after being outside
• Does not ask to go out
• Goes to the wrong side of the door, the wrong door, or to a location that’s not even a door

As some of these signs can be signs of other illnesses, please call us to discuss the symptoms your pet is showing.  We may elect to do some diagnostic testing to rule out other metabolic causes of the signs.  If we determine your pet has CDS, there are medications such as Anipryl® we can use to help control the symptoms, as well as behavior modification techniques that may help.   Together we can help you and your pet enjoy the golden years of their life.

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