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hah_5024.jpgPet dental care has significantly advanced over the last decade, allowing for efficient and effective prevention, diagnosis and treatment of common dental diseases. We provide routine dental care which includes scaling, cleaning and polishing, and specialty services such as extractions for dogs, cats and pocket pets. Dental cleaning is performed in our clinic while your pet is under general anesthesia.

Your veterinarian will create a preventative care plan for teeth cleaning every 1 to 5 years based on the size and breed of your pet, and provide dental maintenance recommendations such as regular tooth brushing, dental rinses or dental diets. In addition, we examine your pet’s teeth at every visit and will let you know if we are seeing any problems, what grade we think your pet’s teeth are, and when a dental cleaning would be appropriate for your pet. 

Why is pet dental care so important?

Dental disease is a very common problem affecting up to 85% of pets over the age of two. Infections in the mouth can easily spread to the liver, kidneys and heart, and pain from dental disease can cause your pet to stop eating, which can lead to or worsen other health issues. 

Every time our pets eat, plaque forms on their teeth. Plaque can be removed with brushing. If it is not removed, in 2-3 days it will harden and becomes tartar. Tartar is no longer removable by brushing alone. As tartar builds up, the gum tissue becomes inflamed and irritated. This leads to gum recession, which then leads to bone loss. Bone loss can lead to tooth loss or abscesses (infection). Gum recession and bone loss are irreversible once they occur.

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