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Nexgard, the next generation in flea and tick medication

We are pleased to announce that we are carrying a new flea and tick medication called Nexgard.  From the makers of Heartgard (Merial), this is a once a month chewable tablet that helps prevent fleas and ticks. It is given in addition to a monthly heartworm preventative, as it does not prevent heartworm disease.

This is different from the topical products we carry such as Frontline Plus or Parastar Plus.   The topical products are not absorbed systemically, but require the oil glands in the body to help spread them.  This is good in patients with organ disease where we do not want the body to metabolize these medications.  However, it can cause problems in protection if bathing or swimming occurs, and sometimes it seems it does not get everywhere (ever found a tick attached between the toes?).

Nexgard is a systemic medication, meaning the organs do need to help metabolize it, but it works quickly and since it travels via the bloodstream, it gets to all areas on the pet.  It is not affected by swimming or bathing. It must be used in caution in animals with seizures, liver or kidney disease, and soy allergies.

Please discuss with us which option is best for your pet.  We offer a wide range of options to help find what is best for your pet and their situation.  Contact us today to find out if Nexgard is right for your pet.


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