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Family vacations-to take the pet or not?

No question, pets are part of the family nowadays. However, this does not always mean they should do everything the family does. A common question we get asked during the summer months is whether or not to take the pet with during travel. There is no overall best answer for this, but there are a couple of things that we ask to help us determine what will be best for your pet.

  • Does your pet travel well-car rides, carrier, planes, or are they vocal, vomiting, drooling, and stressed during transport?  There are medications to help with anxiety, so this in and of itself does not preclude them from travelling, but it is one point to consider.
  • What are you doing during your vacation-staying at the cabin or with relatives or going to a destination where you plan on many excursions during the day?  If you are planning a destination where you expect to be out of your lodgings for most of the day seeing local attractions, what will your pet be doing during that time?
  • And probably most importantly-does your hotel/cruise/airline/relatives etc. allow pets?

If you feel that you are going on a pet friendly vacation and wish to bring Fido or Fluffy with, we are there to help. We can get you medications for anxiety during travel if appropriate, fill out health certificates for interstate or inter-country travel, and perform well care necessary to make sure your pet is up to date on all vaccines and other requirements. We may discuss additional vaccines, dewormings, or flea, tick or heartworm preventatives if your destination warrants it. Call us today for an appointment to get your pet ready for jet-setting fun!

If you feel that Fluffy or Fido would be better staying home this vacation, we offer boarding services for dogs, cats, and other pets. They will get loving attention and veterinary grade care each day they are here. If you are concerned because your pet has never been boarded before, we can also do daycare as a trial before you leave. Please call us for reservations.

Happy tails, er, trails my friends!

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